5 Reasons to do Squats Every Day

If you ever wondered why squats are so popular and why everyone includes them in their workout routine, you must know that they work many muscles in your body and offer many benefits. In case you haven’t tried squats, here are 5 reasons to convince you to squat every day.

Squats promote muscle growth in your entire body

The first and main benefit of squats is they help build muscle mass in your entire body, especially in the leg area. Your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes are engaged in the exercise so the muscles become stronger and bigger. If you perform the squats correctly, you will force your body to produce testosterone and the human growth hormone that trigger the development of muscle mass. This means that not only the legs but the back, core and arms also benefit from the muscle growth.

Daily squats burn more fat

By gaining more muscle mass, you manage to replace the fat deposits in your body so you will lose weight. Squats are excellent ways to burn calories and to turn fat into muscle and for every pound of muscle you gained, your body will burn up to 70 calories. At higher rates, this is a great result in losing body fat and gaining muscle mass.

You can improve your daily yield with squats

It’s known that physical exercises help you improve your lifestyle and make your body stronger and more resistant to effort and pressure. Squats do the exact same thing and are among the most beneficial types of exercises that improve your real-life activities. By building muscle mass, your body becomes stronger and handles the daily chores with more efficiency. This is one strong reason for you to squat every day.

Squats protect your bones and joints from injuries

If your muscles are weak, the joints and ligaments are also weak, which leads to fractures and inflammations of the connective tissues, muscles, and ligaments. Squats can eliminate this risk by strengthening your muscles and improving your flexibility, which means that your joints and bones will not suffer damage.

Your balance and mobility are improved with squats

Given the fact that squats work and strengthen your leg muscles, you will enjoy a better mobility and you will achieve a better balance. Squats also work your core muscles, which are responsible for keeping your body upright. By working both the lower and upper body area, your muscles will communicate better and you will be able to walk and maintain your balance without any problem.