Best Muscle Building Routine

Many people who are passionate about sports aim to build more muscle mass during their workout routine so they choose the most intense types of exercises. While some of them really show results, others prove to be not so efficient as expected. If your purpose is to gain muscle mass,you need to know which is the best muscle building routine hat will bring you closer to your goal.

The 5 x 5 muscle building routine

Bodybuilders are familiar with this program and they say it actually works in producing more muscles and increasing one’s strength. This program involves performing five sets of five repetitions of the three main exercises that target the most important muscles in your lower and upper body area. The main advantage of this muscle building routine is the increasing intensity that promotes the release of testosterone, an important hormone in developing muscle mass. Given that this program implies heavy lifting, it is recommended that you try it after at least 3 months of training with weights so you will not overstrain your body. The exercises you can choose from include barbell squats, barbell bench press, pull-ups, sit-ups, barbell deadlift, and barbell curl.

The FST-7 muscle building routine

This program’s name stands for Fascial Stretch Training and the number represents the number of days it lasts. The fascia tissue is the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles and by training it, you will encourage your muscles to become larger. The first day of training targets three muscles in the lower and upper body area namely the biceps, the triceps, and the calves, followed by a day for legs and a day off. The fourth day includes exercises for the chest and triceps, the fifth day targets the back and calves, the sixth day is for shoulders and biceps and the last day is a break.

Full body workouts

Another efficient muscle building routine is an ample program that targets many muscle groups in your body. Similar to the 5×5 program that also involves both the upper and the lower body area but with only three exercises, this program has one particular exercise for each muscle. Exercises like barbell squats, barbell curl, lifting dumbbells on the triceps press, crunches or leg extensions will help you target your hamstrings, quads, back, shoulders, and chest muscles.