Does Spin Class Exercises Trim the Belly?

Who doesn’t wish a good looking body? Especially if summer is coming, and you want to wear your bathing suit and rock in it! But, wishing for it is not enough. You have to make few changes in your life and work a little bit your way of eating and drinking and the most important of all, you have to start a physical workout routine. As we all know, fat always tends to show up on our bodies right in the places which we fear the most. For example, in some cases, you might want to boost up certain parts of your body, but you will definitely not fats onto your belly. It might be not as easy as it sounds, but start thinking what kind of exercises are you willing to practice.

Have you ever considered spinning classes? Spinning while a certain indoor class, means following an instructor’s advice and tips, so faster end effective results. Besides this, is very important as we have already established, to be more careful with your diet.

About belly fat

Not only that it is unpleasant, but too much fat in the stomach zone can lead to serious health issues, risking to develop heart diseases, diabetes or even cancer, unfortunately. This problem of excess of calories of the abdomen is not general, it has different manifestations to each other depending on plenty factors, such as genetics or hormones.

Losing tummy fat with exercises

Is it true that spinning can lead to a flat stomach? Well, yes but don’t think it is like a ride in the park. Spinning exercises involve hard training and a training instructor that knows how to challenge you using special stationary bikes at various speed levels.

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In 2008 was published a study of “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” that showed overweighted persons reduced a significant level of abdominal fat doing regular sessions of intense cardiovascular exercises for at least 3 times per week. During a spinning session of 30 or 40 minutes, you are able to burn between 400 and 600 calories. You have to pay attention to the progress of your training because if you don’t feel your heart beating a little bit faster and don’t see any sweating starting to form, it means that you are not working enough intense to start obtaining results.


Besides the spinning class you are taking, which is the most important step in losing belly fat, you can take other measures to help the training be more effective. Try to be more careful with the size of your meals and avoid eating white flour and saturated or processed food. Choose proteins and leafy greens, because you will start easier forming muscle mass and give your metabolism a great boost.

Cut belly fats in a healthy way

Changes start appearing when your body burns more calories than you consume. As we have already discussed, you must keep up with constant spinning classes and slowly raise the pace of the training, along with a healthy diet if you want accurate results and never forget to properly hydrate! Spinning classes play an important role in losing tummy fat, but also in improving your health.


After creating your own spinning routine, try to mix it with some extra short sessions of another type of cardio exercises, which are able to add efficiency to your workout and also help you quickly build muscle mass and endurance.

Estimate how many calories you are burning

Try to find out how is your body reacting after some spinning classes, because you can have a lazier metabolism than other persons, or maybe a stronger one. For example, a woman that weighs around 150 pounds can burn around 500-600 calories during 1 hour of a spinning session at a moderate pace. Raising the intensity of the workout can increase the number of burnt calories in the same period of time, let’s say up to 700-800 calories.

Final considerations

Well, first 2 or 3 spinning classes will be let’s say basic, and you might not get the wanted results from the beginning. And don’t forget that spinning exercises besides cutting tummy fats, are great cardio exercises and improve your health, especially if you are doing the hard work along with a proper diet. The main place that generates all the energy from your body is the core, which also includes your abdominal muscles, low back, and pelvic floor muscles.