How to Stay Motivated on the Treadmill

It’s great to have a treadmill at home and to enjoy it anytime you want without having to go to a gym, but how many times did you get bored and got off the treadmill before you could finish a race? If this sounds familiar, you are certainly looking for ways to stay focused and motivated on the treadmill. To help you get through with your workout session, we have some useful tips that will make the treadmill more fun.

Watch TV

One of the advantages of having a treadmill at home is that you can enjoy the comfort and intimacy of your home and you won’t have to stand the outdoor running conditions. Therefore, when you are using the treadmill, you can watch TV so you won’t get bored. Choose to run while your favorite show is on and you won’t even notice how time flies.

Compete with yourself

One efficient way to stay motivated on the treadmill is to beat your own record and always improve your running performance. If you managed to beat your time the day before, increase the running distance or the pace for you next running session and try to beat this new record. This will keep you busy and focused on running as you will do your best to improve your performance.

Use a treadmill with Google Maps

Running outside offers the advantage of the beautiful view that helps you relax and get carried away so you won’t even feel the time passing. If you thought that the treadmill couldn’t be so entertaining, we have news for you. The treadmills with a Google Maps feature will take you places and will allow you to run anywhere you want in the world. Simply select a running path and watch as the treadmill’s display reveals the beauty of the selected place.

Cover the time

In order to avoid getting bored while running, cover the time on the display so you won’t keep your eyes on the watch. Take a peek from time to time to see for how long have you been running or how much longer you have to run. This will help you not stress about the time.

Listen to music

Music can help you relax on any occasion and it can also become your best running companion. If you used to jog outside and listen to music at the same time, why not do the same at home on the treadmill? Download your favorite music list on your iPod and use a pair of headphones that will not interfere with your running. This will make time fly and you won’t even know when your running session will be over.

Take the sweat test

A great way to stay motivated on the treadmill and to push your limits is to see how much you have sweat while running. If at the end of the race, you don’t look like you came out of the shower, you might want to start running again because it means you didn’t run enough.