Should You Take Proteins for Muscle Gain

It’s known that proteins are essential in building muscle mass because they promote the growth of the muscles more than any other type of nutrient. Proteins can be found in many types of foods and including them in your diet will maximize your muscle building results but the question that remains is whether or not this it is enough or you need to take protein supplements. Let’s find the answer to this question together.

How much protein do your muscles need?

If you go to the gym very often, you see many people drinking protein shakes in their attempt to build more muscle mass. We can’t say that this is a hoax because we all know that proteins influence the growth of muscles but adding too many proteins doesn’t do too much good. Eating up to 30% proteins per day is enough to stimulate your muscles and going above this level will not mean that your muscles will inflate. He protein intake is calculated according to your weight and your daily caloric intake and the recommended rate is 0.36 grams of protein per pound. So, if you weigh 154 pounds, you need 55 grams of proteins every day.

Protein supplements can aid you in adjusting your protein intake

In case you are not getting enough proteins from foods like meat, fish, cheese, eggs, vegetables or rice, you can opt for a protein supplement like the whey powder, which is a liquid byproduct resulted from the production of cheese. Unlike other proteins like the ones from rice or vegetables that miss one or more amino acids, the whey protein has all the 20 amino acids your body needs to repair itself and to build muscle mass. This is what makes whey protein a great help in building more muscle mass. However, you must keep in mind that no protein supplement can replace an entire meal or the natural proteins you can find in food.

It’s safe to keep a limit on your protein intake

Many people trying to gain more muscle mass cut their carbohydrates and follow a protein diet thinking that this will boost their muscles. This is not a healthy thing to do because you need to maintain a balance in your diet. If you feed on too many proteins, you will fill your body with toxic ketones that forces your kidneys to eliminate it, along with high levels of water. This brings you on the verge of dehydration and actually makes you lose muscle mass and bone calcium. You can also experience intolerance to the protein supplement.