Simple Ways of Staying Hydrated when Working Out

Any fitness trainer will tell you about the importance of drinking water during your exercises and will advise you to stay properly hydrated in order to avoid any health risk. Dehydration is a serious matter that often occurs during intense workouts because your body sweats a lot and loses its moisture. Even though you may not be used to carrying a bottle of water with you, this is a habit you need to grow and the following simple ways of staying hydrated when working out will keep you safe.

Drink clean and fresh water

30 minutes before you head it to the gym, drink water until you are no longer thirsty so your body will have enough water to regulate its temperature while exercising. The water you drink must be fresh and clean so your body will not absorb any impurities from it. We advise you to use a water filter at home that will remove any harmful particle from the water and will guarantee you will only benefit from the water you drink.

Drink during your workouts

While you run or lift weights, stop from time to time and have a sip from a bottle of water to make sure you maintain your body water level high. Drinking before and after workouts is not enough and this little trick will help you avoid dehydration. Try to take as many sips as you can every 10 minutes so your body will have enough water to stay cool during the workouts. You should not wait until you feel that you are dying of thirst but you should take a small sip every time you feel a mild thirst.

Recover the lost electrolytes with sports drinks

Sports drinks are also efficient in keeping your body hydrated when working out because they help you body restore the electrolytes it loses while exercising. The electrolytes are minerals found in your blood which help your body adjust its water level. When you exercise, you lose electrolytes so drinking sports drinks that are rich in electrolytes will help you maintain a high body water level.

Alkaline water is of great help during exercising

If you are not a fan of sports drinks, you can always try alkaline water right from your tap by using a water ionizer. This device turns your tap water into alkaline water through a process called electrolysis which makes it more appropriate for drinking while exercising. Alkaline water has higher hydration properties and is an excellent way to stay hydrated when working out.

You can stay hydrated with fruits

Fruits can also help you maintain your body water levels high during an intense effort and are also a great source of electrolytes and proteins that help you become stronger. Juicy fruits contain plenty of water but bananas and dates, for example, contain high amounts of electrolyte potassium that can be of great help during your cardio workouts.