The Proper Way to Row on a Rowing Machine

At first glance, the rowing machine seems easy to use and you think that you can’t do something wrong while rowing. Truth is, many people don’t know which is the correct way to use a rowing machine so they often hurt themselves or they don’t get the desired workout results. To avoid these situations, keep reading to see which is the proper way to row on a rowing machine.

Sit on the rowing machine correctly

The position you take on the rowing machine is essential in completing a correct stroke. Your feet should be positioned very well on the paddles and the straps should be securely tightened to avoid any accident.

Don’t hunch to the front

Keep your back straight and avoid hunching to the front or all the pressure will be on your neck. The back must be kept straight so the lower back muscles will be worked properly and you will maintain your balance during the stroke.

Hold the handle the right way

The grip on the handle is another essential step in using the rowing machine the right way. You shouldn’t hold the handle with your entire palm but you should keep only three fingers on the bar. Keep your palms close to the edges of the bar on each side and not close to the middle.

Push your body to the back

From this starting position, use your legs only to propel your body to the back while you pull the handle to your chest. Don’t bring your hands too high or too low but right on the chest line and spread your elbows so they will touch the sides of your core.

Return to the starting position

Once your body reaches the back of the rowing machine, it’s time to complete your stroke by sliding to the front of the machine. Bend your knees and release your arms to the front as your body will go back to the starting position.

Keep sour knees straight

As your body slides to the front of the rowing machine, keep your knees in a straight line with your hips and avoid spreading your knees far from each other. By keeping your legs straight, you are engaging all your muscles into the stroke and the results will be the best. Return to the front of the rowing machine slowly as the second half of the stroke should be twice as slow as the first half.