The Right Way to Decrease Your Body Fat Percentage

The goal of anyone starting a workout program is to lose as much body fat as possible and to gain more muscle mass that makes the body look better. However, few people know what exactly they need to do in order to lose fat the right way so they will also protect their health and maintain their body’s balance. Starving or overstraining yourself in the gym are not the answers to lowering your body fat percentage but the following methods can take you there.

Alternate lean and intense workouts and exercise in the morning

If you are struggling with excessive body weight, heading to the gym and lifting the heaviest weights is not a good idea because that could cause damage to your muscles and joints. It’s best to start with mild exercises and alternate them with more difficult ones after you get used to the strain. Also, consider exercising in the morning because that is when your body will use the fat as fuel to gain energy for the workout session.

Exercise moderately and increase the intensity of your workouts as you lose weight

At first, spend only half an hour in the gym and increase the time as you accustom your body to the effort. Once yous tart noticing results in decreasing your body fat, you can extend the workout time and you can try the more difficult fitness machines.

Follow a fat-free diet and focus on foods that will help you gain muscle mass

What you eat is essential in losing fat because it will teach your body how to use fat as fuel and create deposits of nutrients and vitamins instead of fat. You should avoid at all costs the bad fats from fat meat, butter, oil, and dairy and you should focus on the good fats in nuts, lean meat, and fish. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet because these help you stay full without collecting fat.

Measure your body composition to check how much fat you have lost

You might notice that you have lost some fat but the scale will not show any changes and this could be because you are gaining muscle instead. This is why it’s best to use a body fat analyzer that will show the body fat percentage, the muscle mass, the visceral fat, the bone mass, and the body water level so you will have a clear picture of how your fat loss program is going.

Drink at least one gallon of water every day to help your body eliminate fat

Your body is made of 80% water so you need to help it maintain that level. Plus, water can help you melt fat and obtain a slimmer figure so, make sure you drink at least one gallon of water every day. The water intake helps the liver and kidneys to perform their functions so your body will turn the fat deposits into energy fuel

Use weighted clothing to force your body to handle more weight

In order to increase the efficiency of your exercises, wear weighted clothing that puts strain on your muscles and forces them to grow bigger. Items like weighted vests or ankle and wrist weights will build more muscle mass in your body and will accelerate your metabolism, resulting in more fat loss.